Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loving Fall

It's the best time of  year! Happy fall!

Some of the many reasons I love fall...

Pumpkin Nutmeg Pie Candle   Peanuts and Candy Corn  Festivals 

  Pumpkin Farm  Crawling Babies   Sweatshirts and Jeans  The Approach of the Holidays 


  Riding with the Windows Down  Pumpkin Cookies, Cakes, Dips

Walks in the Crisp Fall Air

and the best of all...

Spending lots of time with Family!

Friday, September 16, 2011


For those of you that have seen Dora the Explorer you will understand the nickname that has been assigned to Miss Lila Kate, "Swiper!" She loves to take anything and everything that Levi has. It first started with toys, then moved to paci swiping, but the most recent event made me truly laugh out loud!

Every morning I get the babies up, change their diapers, put on clothes and then get everything ready for the day. When I go to get all the bottles cleaned, filled, dishes started, laundry going, etc. I put Levi and Lila in one crib together so they can have some "twin time." I have been doing this since they were about 3 months and they are so cute in the bed, giggling, laughing, and squealing with each other.
Well, last week I put them in the bed together after I changed their diapers, but didn't put their clothes on and went to get started on my morning chores. I heard them in the room having a great time laughing together. After I finished my chores I went in their room to get them up and they were still just playing away. I thought to myself, "It would be great if I could just get the laundry put up while they are still playing so happily together" that is what I did. About halfway through putting up the laundry, I noticed those sweet little giggles had faded and it seemed a little too quiet. I went in their room and saw the bumper pad pushed down, two little eyes peeking through the bed slats and Lila smiling at me with Levi's paci in her mouth.

 I walked over to the bed to get the babies out and noticed Lila had a diaper in her hand. I quickly looked down to see if her diaper was missing...NO hers was on just fine! Then, I looked over at Levi, and with the most confused, scared, and somewhat invaded look on his face I saw that he was diaper-less! I looked back at Lila and she just smiled and giggled!! :) I guess I learned my lesson...I can't leave babies with just diapers on around our little "Swiper," Lila Kate!!