Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is Here!

Lila Kate wanted to sit in Levi's lap :)

Well, hello warm weather! I guess that means we officially did not have a winter this year...which makes me a little sad! I love cold weather and snow, but now that the beautiful springtime days are here I'm getting excited! This spring we can actually go outside (for longer than a 15min stroll) and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine! We have been trying to get out any day the weather permits and the kids love it!! They will stand at the door and Lila Kate will point and try her version of outside....soo cute :) I'm looking forward to all things spring in the weeks ahead....days at the park, bubbles, Easter, several family birthdays, sunny days and cool crisp nights and the anticipation of summer (not the heat, but the summer vacation for my sisters!).

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